Daily Journaling

Subject: The Words We Speak

Challenge your use of negative language and use a positive word or phrase in its place.

E.g. Negative (I hate it when you do….) Positive (I become unhappy when you do….I dislike when….)

Assert yourself by just asking for what you want with a positive or less harsh tone. Use of harsh words are a breeding ground for tension while assertiveness or use of words that give you more power allow you to regain control over your feelings. Remember, you control no one other than yourself.


Defining You Comes at a Cost!

Welcome to a Community of Self-Discovery!

   As you grow  in your walk to genuine happiness you will have to leave others behind. Now, I will be honest with you growing pains can and will hurt both physically and emotionally. This site will serve as a safe space to share your journey, if you prefer please feel free to select the contact us button to personally email your progress or offer feedback! Again welcome and I look forward to hearing your stories of how amazingly awesome you have become!!!