Daily Journaling

For the next 30 days I will post one positive word here on the Define You platform. I would like for you to write down the Word of the Day and write down the following:

1. What feelings does this word cause you to experience?

2. What thoughts come to mind or memory with this word.

3. What desires come with this word.

My goal in this 30 day activity is to set a positive tone for the day and help expand upon changing our language. If you have purchased the Define You workbook this would compliment the Language Barriers section. Happy Journaling and I am partnering with you in this positive journey as well! Feel free to email me your entries or post your responses below. If you participate in all 30 days you enter a chance to win a Define You shirt sizes Med to XL available only.

Published by

Martrice S. Kennedy

Serving her community as a trauma focused therapist Martrice felt there was a need to help erase the stigma of mental wellness as it affects one of us it impacts our community. Martrice personally believes the more we educate our community we can move from avoiding mental wellness to promoting mental wellness. She looks to begin dialogue on the environmental factors contributing to the mental and emotional decline of those we love.

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