Defining You Comes at a Cost!

Welcome to a Community of Self-Discovery!

   As you grow  in your walk to genuine happiness you will have to leave others behind. Now, I will be honest with you growing pains can and will hurt both physically and emotionally. This site will serve as a safe space to share your journey, if you prefer please feel free to select the contact us button to personally email your progress or offer feedback! Again welcome and I look forward to hearing your stories of how amazingly awesome you have become!!!




Published by

Martrice S. Kennedy

Serving her community as a trauma focused therapist Martrice felt there was a need to help erase the stigma of mental wellness as it affects one of us it impacts our community. Martrice personally believes the more we educate our community we can move from avoiding mental wellness to promoting mental wellness. She looks to begin dialogue on the environmental factors contributing to the mental and emotional decline of those we love.

4 thoughts on “Defining You Comes at a Cost!”

  1. After a few yrs of emotional pain and stress. Allowing my self to completely relax. It was a little difficult & different. But a Lovely accomplishment!!! Learning to rejuvenate that you won’t have a meltdown. Especially when you are the one everyone wants to be there for THEM NOT HOW CAN THEY EASE YOUR LOAD!!! WELL I WILL BE TAKING REJUVENATING HIATUS MORE OFTEN. MY SUGGESTION TO YOU TAKE ONE ALSO. YOU WILL BE A BETTER YOU, THE BEST YOU.

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    1. Thank you for your transparency. You are correct, often others forget the “go to” person needs to be replenished as well. Stay tuned in for ideas and tips to turn small moments into self care moments! Feel free to share your own self care tips via comment section as well.

      Be Inspired,


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